Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Angels and I

My two kiddies.....awwwww. Jordan is an amazingly advanced child who already speaks in 20 - 25 word sentences (holy crap!) and blows us away with the things he comes out with. He has also just hit the terrible two's, so combining that with the above can guess - crazy house hold at the moment.
ali is so easy going, she has been coming to lecturers with me since she was 6 weeks, sleeping perfectly and has plenty of 'aunties' to give her a cuddle. I am so lucky to be able to bring her - yay for Noosa Campus!

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Melissa said...

Nice pics!
Noticed that you had setup your blog on moodle and thought I would check it out!
The fun is just beginning with this completely new experience with blogging.
Mel :)