Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pretty as a Picnik

I thoroughly enjoyed playing around with the Picnik site. The tools are simple and easy to use, especially the way that the program shows you what it is doing with your photo as you manipulate it. My class is doing a unit on natural disasters, so I chose a photo that had a large, long crack line in it, possibly from an earthquake.
To use this program in class, I could ask them to find a photo of a natural disaster, manipulate it, put it in the Polaroid frame like the one to the left, and produce an information report on what happened in the photo.
The students could be enrolled as geologists who then need to present their findings to their peers.
This type of task could cross many KLA's, including Art, English, ICT's and Science.

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Hannah Curran said...

Hi Chenoa

I love your idea about how you would incorporate Picnik into your pedagogy! I have briefly touched on Earthquakes and Tectonic Plates with my Year 8s at the moment but this activity would be a great idea in terms of developing their higher-order thinking (deductive reasoning) skills. Incorporating ICTs into classroom practice is so important with junior classes as I find that they are more likely to listen and engage with the content when you do so.

Cheers, Han