Saturday, July 18, 2009

My RSS Feeder?!?

Well, after reading Anthony's post (which was very helpful - thanks!) about the start up video on Google Reader, I watched it and am slightly less confused about what an RSS Feeder is. I understand that it allows me to add people to my account (or websites) which helps me follow the latest updates/news all on one web page.
However, I am still confused how to add 'subscriptions' as I tried to add my hotmail and facebook accounts (the only way I can keep up with my friends) and it didn't recognise the addresses? I copied and pasted their URL's........?
I am also wondering if any new blogs that I decide to 'follow' through blogger, will automatically link up to my google reader account. So I am going to go and do a little experiment. I will find someone's blog who I haven't added yet and add them, then check my Google reader account. My prediction is that it will automatically link up......that would be logical. We shall see!
Next post will tell....

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rondyroo said...

Hey Chenoa, maybe you can't add your facebook or hotmail accounts because you need to log in to them. Just a thought. Cheers Rhonda