Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Wow - super fast, super simple! I have never seen my computer go that fast (I wish!). MediaFire seems too easy on the surface, but reading some of the reviews from magazines makes me realise that the whole process is easy. Apart from the speedy upload time, it was quick to register, easy to find where to upload and had great visual cues for the whole process. The visual cues are probably what I liked the best, especially for learners who find it difficult to read web pages, with all the clutter and adverising. During the upload process, MediaFire shows the percentage and speed of uploads, so you can see exactly how long they will take. The files can be put in any folder that you create and are easy to recover.
I will definitely use this tool from now on. It is another way of storing those important files that you have worked so long on - saving them from the inevitable hard drive crash! My mentor teacher recently had her USB stolen at school. Unfortunately she had years worth of work on it - including unit plans, a week long PD on Grammar (which she was going to share with me!), and countless lesson plans and ideas. She hadn't saved these anywhere else - so they are gone. Apart from the fact that she should have backed them up somewhere - I will be reccomending MediaFire to her!
I have uploaded a Maths investigation lesson plan which I used in Prep last semester, as well as a great resource for handwriting that I created. There are so many of us in Prep at Noosa, so I figured that these would be a worthwhile resource. Check out my files

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