Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Music in the Classroom

I have previously used music in the classroom to enhance mood for a drama workshop that I conducted with year seven last year. They were working through a unit on Australia and had just come back from Carnarvon Gorge and had learnt about how the white men had killed many Aborigines there. I enrolled the students as Aborigines and the first white men to land in Australia, so it was very fitting. I also introduced them to masks and showed them mask etiquette, before narrating the scenes they had to act out. I used Aboriginal dream time music to create a more real life atmosphere throughout their performances. The whole workshop ran smoothly and the students absolutely loved it and were talking about it for the rest of the day.
I didn't know about royalty free music before this course, but it would have come in handy for this, and for our recent ESS presentation where we used music to enhance our survey results in Windows Movie Maker. After reading about licences, I now understand that Moby (whose music we used) could have actually fined us for using his music in this presentation.
The music that I downloaded of Incompetech was described by the website as an "erie, relaxed and somber" piece (Incompetech, 2001-2009). I decided to use this as a response to Melissa's comment about possibly getting my year fours to create a photo story on images they found of the effects of disasters on people. I feel this music would have been very useful as an overlay to the images. The piece is written by Kevin MacLeod and is named Unpromised it is the first piece on this list. It comprises of vocals, harp, flutes and percussion. I tried to find a way to upload the music to this post or the blog - but I couldn't! Does anyone know how to do this?


Bethanie said...

Hi Chenoa,
With uploading your music - Andrew posted on his blog a tool called
Once you create an account you can upload, store and share files, including music files.
I had the same question when writing a post on Free Music. I have not yet had time to a a 'play' with Box. net however Jane Ferret used it and was able to share music on her blog posting.
Hope this helps,

Nell said...

Hi Chenoa,
I did the same thing for a unit of work I created with the help of my Teacher of course about aboriginal dream time. The children had to choice music and then create aboriginal dance steps to go with it. They then had to put the music and dance into action from reading a dream time book and then putting it into a power point presentation for the Teachers to mark.
I seriously will be using music in my classroom to set the mood or to calm them down after lunch.