Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Now I know what a Podcast is!

Well, it has been a few hours and I am still trying to get a podcast. I have found where I should be looking, done what the 'HELP' section told me to do - and I still can't listen to any! And finally - after frustration and yelling at my computer - I hear 'Rhyme Time' from Hooked on Phonics. It is a vodcast which simply explains the concept of rhyming to children - aimed at about Prep level. It has a catchy tune (which is now stuck in my head) and easy to remember repetitious words. The pictures in the movie are 'real life' pictures, not cartoons, so children can recognise them without any trouble.
This type of vodcast can also be listened to as a podcast and comes from a whole set of fun phonics songs and clips. Using this type of technology would have been great in my Prep class last semester, as the children loved singing and dancing - but they would have definitely benefited from the clip as well. I am sure if this type of technology is only supposed to be used for ipods - if it is, then Prep children at my school wouldn't be utilising it! I can see the benefit of itunes for the secondary school students, as most of them would have an ipod/iphone and definitely have computer and internet access. I am not convinced about using this in primary schools though, it takes a long time to download each podcast, and each computer would need headphones and its volume set correctly - we struggle to get volume on some of ours!
I found many podcasts from teachers to teachers, but not as many aimed at students. Maybe I'll have to start presenting my own!

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