Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Slide Share

Unfortunately I was not able to complete the full activity for this elearning tool, as my microphone does not work because I believe that someone (ie: My lovely husband)has deleted some part of the setup/recording tool from my computer. Believe me - I tried and tried to get this to work, so I haven't reflected about this part of the activity.

Slide Share allows a much more engaging way of sharing power points than just the standard 'present in front of the class' shows. This site allows the user to upload their power point - much faster than emailing it - and then share it with others through the site or by embedding it in other web pages like blogs and wikis. With my presentation, I had originally wanted the students to gradually work through the power point at their own pace, on individual computers. This would have meant that I had to save the show onto the school's hard drive so that each student in my class could have accessed it. I had no idea how to do this, nor was I sure if it was possible, so I changed my presentation back to the boring 'present in front of the class' shows.
If I had have known about this program back then, I would have tried to use it for this activity. Students would have each been able to access my slide share account and viewed and worked through the show individually. Slide share can also be used for students to put up their presentations, which allow for individual viewing by their peers, teachers or parents and family at home. There is no need for lost USB's and CD's, just upload it and you can watch it from any computer that has the internet!
My year fours have to each create a power point presentation, that is to be marked, so by using slide share, marking becomes a much easier job as it can be done from home. Uploading students' work onto the web using blogs or wikis gives the students a sense of achievement and makes them work harder, as their work is there for all to see. Slide share gives both teachers and students the power to publish and view their work in this way.

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