Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Similar to Slide Share - but for Photos

Just thought that I would tel you about another great tool, called One True Media. This application allows you to upload your photos (in bulk) and create movies using them - very similar to Windows Movie Maker. The difference with this site is that you can then embed them into wikis or blogs, even facebook, to share with everyone.
I am going to (when I have time) choose my best photos of the kids and use this site to share them with my family and friends. You can choose transitions, music and speed - a great way to give your photos that special touch!


Melissa said...

Hi Chenoa,

Wow! You have definitely have been using technology for this unit with your students!

I like this photo presentation technology, though I feel that it is very similar to Digital Storytelling.

Perhaps you could get your students to take on the perspective of someone impacted by a natural disaster. The students could find pictures and factual information and create a story relating to that disater. You could also link this to the Dimension Three process of Analysing Perspectives.

Just thought I would offer you some possibilities that you could use.

Hope these are helpful!

chenoa said...

Thanks Melissa, that is a great idea, it may be an excellent way for the students to sum up their disaster unit, especially since they are supposed to be focusing on the cause and effect of disasters. I don't feel that the effects from an emotional perspective have been covered - I will mention this to my teacher.
Thanks again!